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How a Once a Week Injection of SEMAGLUTIDES Results in Rapid Weight Loss:

Tirzepatide and the new compounded semaglutides produce the most weight loss of any medication which is almost as much as a gastric bypass. How do these new medications produce such great weight loss? Researchers discovered that all three of these medications produce marked weight loss due to multiple effects on appetite, cravings, and satiety (fullness). They act simultaneously on multiple receptors throughout the body. All three of these medications consist of semaglutide -a once weekly injection of the peptide GLP-1 agonist. The more powerful new medication, Mounjaro has combined a second semaglutide called GIP. Both of these peptides are produced in the small intestine and are released normally to control food ingestion, energy utilization and fat deposition.

Understanding how these new medications are able to produce this profound weight loss can help you design a weight loss plan that is fast and safe which maximizes weight loss with minimal side effects.

LOSE OF APPETITE with Compound Semaglutides

Increase secretion of insulin (which diminishes hunger) and decreased release of glucagon (a potent appetite enhancer) both released by the action of these drugs on the pancreatic alpha and beta cells is one of the major determinants of the amount of weight loss. The best dietary approach is to follow a high protein —low carbohydrate diet with 50-70 grams of net carbs per day and as much protein as possible–usually more than 100- 150 grams per day. However, opposite of the keto diet fat is kept to a minimum. Intermittent fasting is also not appropriate for this plan. Total calories for women is 1100 and for men 1450 calories per day. However, after a few weeks you will automatically be reducing the calories because of fullness and lack of hunger

(Semaglutides & Tirzepatides) are first used for the treatment of diabetes. Diabetics taking these drugs not only experience normalization of blood sugar, but considerable weight loss. Weight loss of 25-30% of starting weight equals that seen with stomach bypass surgery! A 20 lb Weight loss over a month is not uncommon, Most patients lose about 20% of their starting weight in four months because these medications result in loss of appetite and cravings well as marked fullness similar to a gastric bypass. The recently available compounded semaglutides offer the same weight loss with less side effects and much lower cost.


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